Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You can still train in the heat!

We're facing a long week of 90+ temperatures when staying still seems like the best option. Taking a week off, however will set back your summer training two weeks!  Here are some ways to keep in shape:

1. Run several shorter distances at a high pace, with long rest periods in between.
2. Find a hilltop or open space- alongside an open field, a river, or the ocean -where there is more likely to be a breeze.
3. Look for long shady runs. Central Park, Prospect Park, Van Cortlandt Park, and Riverside Park between 72nd and 125th offer you miles of shaded running trails.
4. Wear your practice shorts and a light colored top, but NO COTTON. Consider sunscreen and a hat.
5. Drink when you're thirsty but not more than that.  Much hydration advice is marketing hype.
6. Consider doing slow strength work on long stairs in a park, or even inside if you live in an apartment building.
7. If you must stay in, at least do the strength workout I gave you, but double or triple the duration. You will find the workout described here.
8. If you're a strong swimmer, do 30 minutes of laps at a high pace. It's not much of a substitute for running, but it will help.
9. The best solution is the one I follow- run at dawn! It was a comfortable 75 degrees when I hit the road at 6am this morning.